hold in contempt

hold in contempt
Synonyms and related words:
be above, be contemptuous of, belittle, bring down, bring into discredit, bring low, care nothing for, contemn, cry down, dare, debase, decry, degrade, denigrate, deprecate, depreciate, deride, derogate from, despise, detract from, disapprove of, discommend, discredit, disdain, disgrace, disparage, dispraise, disprize, disvalue, dump on, feel contempt for, feel superior to, get fresh, get smart, have a nerve, have the cheek, have the gall, hold beneath one, hold cheap, insult, knock, look down upon, make bold, make little of, minimize, misprize, presume, put down, rank low, reflect discredit upon, ridicule, run down, scorn, set at naught, slight, sneer at, sneeze at, sniff at, snort at, speak ill of, submit to indignity, take liberties, taunt, think nothing of

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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